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·   What is WordSalad LA?

WordSalad LA is the art of performance writing. It puts a dual emphasis on content and presentation, encouraging writers to focus on what they're saying, how they're saying it, and how it is received in front of a 'live' audience.

·  Who gets to participate?

If you'd like to read your writings at WordSalad LA, just email us a synopsis of your piece and where you're performed previously. Then come to a show as we ask all performers to come see us first. If you'd like to be an audience member, just come on First Tuesday and we'd love to see you! 

·  How often do they happen?

·  What is read at WordSalad LA?

One of the best things about WordSalad LA is the range of writing it attracts. You'll find a diverse range of work within WordSalad LA, including heartfelt love poetry, searing social commentary, uproarious comic routines, and bittersweet personal confessional pieces. Some nights will have a theme and others will be an electic mix of subjects.

·  How do I get on the WordSalad LA email list?

Just email us at and we'll keep you up to date on all of our happenings and events.